Terms and conditions

The Northern Island Connection is focused on providing the best services to the people using its site for buying and selling products. Please take a look at some of the important terms and conditions that every user must know while using our online platform.

1. Accepting The Terms of Usage

The terms and conditions we are about to mention conduct your access and govern your usage of our services. If you acknowledge these terms, it will mean that you have read and understood them completely.

If you have any sort of issues with these terms and conditions and disagree with them, you must immediately stop using our website. Violation of any of the following terms and conditions will result in termination and cancellation of your account, and you cannot use our platform to buy or sell products.

2. Intellectual Property

The Northern Island Connection holds all the intellectual property rights of every single piece of information that we present. This means we keep all the rights of information and content present on our website. It would be illegal to use any of our logos, product names, images, and other content without our consent.

3. Credentials Credibility

Our site users are required to create their account before trading on our website. They are requested to make sure that all the information and credentials are correct and accurate, and in case of any change, they are advised to update their credentials so that their account information remains credible and complete.

4. Payment and Deliveries

All people using our platform to buy products are required to finalize and deal with everything related to the payment and delivery of their products. The Northern Island Connection will not take any responsibility and should not be held accountable for any disputes in connection with the payment and deliveries of the product.